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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chrysler Crossfire

The Chrysler Crossfire is a rear-wheel drive sports car marketed by Chrysler as both coupé and auto and was congenital for Chrysler by Karmann of Germany.

The two-seater accustomed in 2001 as a abstraction car advised by Eric Stoddard with added clarification by Andrew Dyson afore alpha assembly in 2003.

The Crossfire's fastback roof and ample rear fenders fabricated for a rear end architecture that prompted automotive journalists to call the fresh car's affinity to American Motor's 1965-1967 Marlin. For example, Rob Rothwell wrote ...when I aboriginal espied the rear curve of the Chrysler Crossfire I was instantly transported aback to 1965 and my admired car of that year, the Rambler Marlin. Motor Trend" additionally acclaimed the "provocative boattail theme" of the 2004 Crossfire's sheetmetal to that of the AMC Marlin's.

The name Crossfire refers to the two appearance curve that run from advanced to rear forth the anatomy abandon — bridge anniversary added amid through the aperture panel. Conceived during the aeon of Chrysler's buying by Daimler-Benz, the name additionally refers to the accord of the two companies.

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