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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Toyota Solara

The Toyota Camry Solara, additionally added frequently accepted as the Toyota Solara, is a mid-size coupe/convertible sports car advised and engineered by Toyota. Created to address to a demographic of [slightly] added sport-minded drivers than those who adopt the Toyota Camry sedan, the Camry Solara aspires to alloy "sporty" looks and appearance with ample practicality. The front-wheel drive Camry Solara is declared to accept a added adventurous angel than the Camry sedan. However, all models of the Camry Solara alone affection the "Solara" allocation of the name on exoteric emblems, and the "Camry" allocation of the name is not often acclimated back apropos to the car in general.

Prior to the assembly of the Camry Solara, the 2-door adaptation of the Toyota Camry was artlessly accepted as the Camry Coupé. It was added to the third bearing Camry calendar in 1994 to attempt with the Honda Accord and added cars in its class. However, due to it never actuality about as accepted as the 4-door auto of the Camry, the Camry Coupé was alone in 1997.


Mobile Mechanics Perth said...

The Toyota Solara is one of the few cars that let tall drivers adjust all of the important variables to reach a good driving position (seat, steering wheel tilt and telescope).

William Davis said...

The name Solara was previously used on a motor vehicle by Peugeot, with their Talbot Solara, a notchback variant of the Chrysler Alpine hatchback developed by Chrysler Europe before their takeover by Peugeot in 1978. The rights to use the Solara name on a motor vehicle within Europe remain with Peugeot. From time to time, such names from the past appear on limited edition models. Mitsubishi Australia also used this name on the mid-spec versions of its Mitsubishi Magna sedan and station wagon.

edmondpogi said...

thank you William for the very informative trivia you have shared with us. thank you for the read.