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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Alfa Romeo 6c

The Alfa Romeo 6C name was utilized on street, race, and games autos delivered somewhere around 1927 and 1954 by Alfa Romeo; the "6C" name alludes to six barrels of the auto's straight-six motor. Bodies for these autos were made by coachbuilders, for example, James Young, Zagato, Touring, Castagna, and Pininfarina. Beginning from 1933 there was likewise a 6C form with a production line Alfa body, worked in Portello. In the mid 1920s Vittorio Jano got an undertaking to make a lightweight, superior vehicle to supplant the Giuseppe Merosi outlined RL and RM models. The auto was presented in April 1925 at the Salone dell' Automobile di Milano as the 6C 1500. It depended on the P2 dashing auto, utilizing single overhead cam 1,487 cc inline six-barrel engine delivering 44 strength, in the 1928 was displayed the 1500 Sport which was the primary Alfa Romeo street auto with twofold overhead camshafts.

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