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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Alpine A106

The Alpine A106 was the first of a line of light-weight glass-fiber bodied, back engined two-entryway roadsters delivered for a youthful rivalry situated Dieppe based Renault merchant called Jean Rédélé. The auto depended on mechanical parts from the Renault 4CV.

The auto was motivated by the "Marquis" a Renault 4CV based roadster, a configuration obtained for generation under permit in the United States yet which had never entered creation. More straightforward motivation originated from the "Allemano", another Renault 4CV based car model, and changed by Chappe et Gessalin, the firm that would amass the early "glass fibre" bodied A106s for Alpine.

Under the skin, the A106 nearly looked like the 4CV. The all the more brandishing 43 hp (32 kW) "A106 Mille Miles" would get from an opposition form of the 4CV model created by Renault.

The number "106" additionally originated from Renault. 1060, 1062 and 1063 were the reference numbers under which the 4CV had been enrolled with the French homologation powers. The Alpine 107 was a steel-bodied model, which never entered generation.

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